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1st Full Album「DRIPPING」【通常盤】SACT-0002



2018.06.20 Release 1st Full Album「DRIPPING」 「死にたくなる程、生き尽くせ。」 底辺から這い上がる強い決意と、 本能的エッジィサウンドの妙。 初のリリースにして、濃縮した人生を描くフルアルバム。 [収録内容] 1.MY FORTUNE FADED 2.闇雲 3.結局 4.酩酊 5.熱帯夜 6.HOPELESS 7.HURT OF DELAY 8.アトノマツリデ 9.灰汁まで愛して 10.退行的進化 11.LAIDBACK 12.狂宴騒々 13.ALIVE ---------- [Keep surviving until you want to die.] With strong resolve crawling up from the bottom, a freak with an instinctively edgy sound. The first release depicts a concentrated life in a full album. [Music] 1.MY FORTUNE FADED 2.YAMIKUMO 3.KEKKYOKU 4.MEITEI 5.NETTAIYA 6.HOPELESS 7.HURT OF DELAY 8.ATONOMATSURIDE 9.AKUMADEAISHITE 10.TAIKOUTEKISHINKA 11.LAIDBACK 12.KYOUENSOUSOU 13.ALIVE 【WORLDWIDE SHIPPING】 1.Please put the desired product into the cart from the “Buy” 2.Choose login or guest purchase. 3.OVERSEA Check of region. 4.Enter various items and press select apayment method 5.Choose payment method 6.Confirm input item 7.Checkout 【Shipping method】 Customers of living abroad, Please select the shipping method "EMS". 【About payment】 ・Credit Card( VISA、Master、American Express) ・PayPal 【Attention about order settlement】 ・ We can not accept exchange, addition, cancellation of product. If you make a mistake, the entire order will be cancelled. ・All charges for electronic remittance must be paid by the buyer.