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DVD 「Document of meltbeat」




《DVD Document of meltbeat》 LIVE TOUR2019 meltbeat 全10公演、各地のドキュメントを収録。 ツアー各地のドキュメント以外にも'社長の休日'と題したオフショットムービーも収録。 ---------- 《DVD Document of meltbeat》 LIVE TOUR 2019 "meltbeat" All 10 performances, documents of each place are recorded. In addition to documents on various tours, the off-shot movie entitled 'CEO's Holiday' is also included. 【WORLDWIDE SHIPPING】 1.Please put the desired product into the cart from the “Buy” 2.Choose login or guest purchase. 3.OVERSEA Check of region. 4.Enter various items and press select apayment method 5.Choose payment method 6.Confirm input item 7.Checkout 【Shipping method】 Customers of living abroad, Please select the shipping method "EMS". 【About payment】 ・Credit Card( VISA、Master、American Express) ・PayPal 【Attention about order settlement】 ・ We can not accept exchange, addition, cancellation of product. If you make a mistake, the entire order will be cancelled. ・All charges for electronic remittance must be paid by the buyer.