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1st ANNIVERSARY BOOK with CD '花鳥風月'




1st ANNIVERSARY BOOK with CD '花鳥風月' sleepyheadの始動1周年を記念して製作されたアニバーサリーブック。 未公開写真や、始動からの歩みをまとめたイベントレポートをはじめ今回のブックのために行われたsleepyheadの1年の歩みを振り返るインタビューを掲載。 未完成の状態のままライブで披露されてきた'花鳥風月'も音源として収録された豪華な内容の1冊。 [収録内容] 1. 花鳥風月 2 .花鳥風月(2018.5.12 ライブver.) 3 .花鳥風月(Demo) ---------- 1st ANNIVERSARY BOOK with CD 'KACHOUFUUGETSU' sleepyhead on of the first anniversary of the start . Unpublished photo,event report and interview to talk about first year. Completed ‘KACHOUFUUGETSU’Recorded as sound source. [MUSIC] 1. KACHOUFUUGETSU 2 KACHOUFUUGETSU(2018.5.12 Live ver.) 3 .KACHOUFUUGETSU(Demo) 【WORLDWIDE SHIPPING】 1.Please put the desired product into the cart from the “Buy” 2.Choose login or guest purchase. 3.OVERSEA Check of region. 4.Enter various items and press select apayment method 5.Choose payment method 6.Confirm input item 7.Checkout 【Shipping method】 Customers of living abroad, Please select the shipping method "EMS". 【About payment】 ・Credit Card( VISA、Master、American Express) ・PayPal 【Attention about order settlement】 ・ We can not accept exchange, addition, cancellation of product. If you make a mistake, the entire order will be cancelled. ・All charges for electronic remittance must be paid by the buyer.